Advisory Integration Working Group (IAWG) –meeting took place 13th September 2016 in Finland

End user engagement is seen vaAWG Finlandluable in IECEU –project. We aim to work together with societal actors to align research and results with the needs and expectations of society. The co-creative methods are used among the Consortium meetings as well as during the multi-actor dialogues. The first year of the project IECEU focuses on involving the political decision makers (EU level institutions and agencies, such as EEAS, DG DEVCO) to present and review interim results and ensure that the project achievements are in line with political decision making processes.
IAWG meeting gathered the political level actors together in the premises of Laurea University of Applied Sciences. More than 15 participants gathered in Tikkurila, Finland for review the IECEU case study preliminary findings. It was a first in series of such events, which will follow in Denmark and Slovenia.
IECEU Project Coordinator Ms Kirsi Hyttinen describes; “IAWGs hosted in EU Member State level are valuable tool for the dissemination of IECEU project findings and to receive feedback and comments from end user level. This IAWG gathered group of people to discuss the important topics of crisis management, such as: Which have been the key successes and shortfalls identified through IECEU case studies? How can we analyse the effectiveness of CSDP missions and operations? How can we further improve the effectiveness? I consider that these dialogues can maximize the impact of IECEU and support the implementation of the key findings into practice.”

AWG Finland 2