Ms Tarja Seppä

Works as a senior lecturer at the University of Tampere, School of Management, Degree Program of International Politics and Peace Research. Her teaching spans over a variety of subjects related to international relations and peace research including i.e. the UN, Human Rights, human security and security issues, conflict resolution and conflict prevention, protection of civilians and in particular on responsibility to protect. She has published articles on, i.e. “Humanising security: Responsibility to Protect” (2011); “Responsibility to protect, protection of civilians and the solidarity of international society” (2013); “From reactive culture to a culture of conflict prevention” (2014) and “Evaluation of the National Action Plan on Fundamental and Human rights 2012–2013”(2014) together with Jukka Viljanen, Pauli Rautiainen and Heta Heiskanen (Ministry of Justice, Finland).