The IECEU Ethical Committee(EC) consists of five members. To ensure balanced assessments, three members of the EC are not affiliated to the IECEU-project. The EC members hold a solid expertise on various fields relevant to the project, including: research ethics, personal data protection, protection of civilians and Human Rights.


In line with the IECEU Grant Agreement, the EC will:

  1. review, assess and approve on-going project procedures and deliverables (Assessments of Ethical Board will be made available and distributed to project participants)
  2. review and revise the IECEU ethical guidelines and WP implementation instructions in a close cooperation with the Project Coordinator
  3. ensure that the ethical standards and guidelines of the Horizon2020 will be implemented throughout the project (regardless of the location)
  4. review and approve the IECEU Case Study Reports (ensuring that an assessment of the legal, ethical and societal aspects of the project has been conducted)
  5. ensure that the project outcomes will meet the defined IECEU ethical standards
  6. ensure that gender issues are taken into account in the course of the research
  7. enhance the validity the project results through solid ethical consideration which in turn will improve the dissemination and applicability of the project results.


  • Ms Ljubica Pendaroska
  • Ms Tarja Seppä
  • Mr Unto Vesa
  • Ms Kirsi Hyttinen
  • Mr Markko Kallonen