IECEU and WOSCAP final conference: evidence-based research to support Conflict Prevention and long-term Peacebuilding

IECEU and WOSCAP final conference: evidence-based research to support Conflict Prevention and long-term Peacebuilding


Kirsi Hyttinen, the Project Coordinator of IECEU

Improving the Effectiveness of Capabilities in EU Conflict Prevention (IECEU) and Whole-of-Society Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding (WOSCAP) held a joint final conference on 8th November in Brussels. The conference ‘Effectiveness and Inclusivity of EU Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention’ gathered over a hundred experts, relevant stakeholders and end-users in the field of European Union’s conflict prevention and peacebuilding. European Union institutions, governmental organisations, research institutes and universities, practitioners and non-governmental organizations from different continents were widely represented.

The aim of both IECEU and WOSCAP is to improve peacebuilding through sustainable, comprehensive and innovative means. The recommendations the projects present are based on profound research around the cases of Ukraine, Mali, Yemen, Kosovo, Georgia, Afghanistan, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the conference, the expert panels addressed the EU effectiveness in conflict prevention through discussions around Security Sector Reform, Multi-Track Diplomacy, EU integrated approach, inclusivity and local ownership.

During the conference, the IECEU project presented its research findings six core capabilities of EU Common Security and Defence Policy missions, that all can be further developed into recommendations for policy makers, operational actors and training institutions. The six core capabilities identified were: planning, interoperability, competences, comprehensiveness, technology and operational capacities.
The main questions discussed during the conference were interlinked and touched the biggest challenges in the EU CSDP capability development and the recommendations how to enhance the CSDP. The panels also discussed on how to involve not only the political and policy dimensions, but also people and civil-society actors to peacebuilding.

The conference brought together over a hundred experts, policy makers and actors of EU conflict prevention and peace building. Such forums are important possibilities for the experts, policy makers and civil actors to discuss on EU CSDP. The IECEU consortium will continue its work to offer evidence-based research to support different actors around conflict prevention and peacebuilding, and to catalyst the discussion around EU CSDP.