IECEU policy dialogue Brussels 27.3.2017 (Press release)

IECEU policy dialogue Brussels (27/3/2017)

Press release, Nina Pejič, UniLj

On 27th March, the IECEU policy dialogue, organized by our Consortium partner AIES – Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy and European Security and Defence College was held in Brussels in the premises of the ESDC. It was attended by seven Consortium partners, AIES, NIUM (National University of Ireland Maynooth), Fincent (Finnish Defence Forces International Centre), Enquirya, Laurea, Roskilde University and University of Ljubljana, and by 23 stakeholders.

Conclusion regarding interoperability and civil-military interface were presented, as well as the potentials for improving the effectiveness of CSDP missions and operations in these two fields. The first part was moderated and led by our Finnish partners, Fincent and Safer Globe. In terms of interoperability, the civil-military perception was focused on, as opposed to civil-civil and military-military interoperability, which were also researched in IECEU project. Three different perspectives – technological, human and structural – were identified as a challenge to civil-military interoperability; potentials for improvements were also presented to the present stakeholders. Financing, short rotations and a lack of information sharing between NATO and non-NATO members were all among the identified factors influencing the further development of the civil-military interoperability. It was pointed out by the stakeholders that military and civilian personnel in CSDP mission and operations do not share the same view on what interoperability should or should not be; and that the proliferation of actors, but especially tasks expected of the EU is influencing the need for interoperability in CSDP. It was acknowledged by the IECEU Consortium members, as well as the stakeholders that a lot has been done or is developing in the field of civil-military interoperability, but the need for further work still persists.

In terms of civil-military interface, which was moderated and led by AIES and NUIM, results deriving from our case studies of 12 CSDP mission and operations were presented, focusing especially on the case study of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the civilian (EUPM) and military mission (EUFOR Althea) operated simultaneously for 8 years. Potentials for improvement of the civil-military interface were presented on the line between the most and the least politically feasible potentials. Stakeholders gave their feedback and opinions especially regarding the viability of potentials for improvement, focusing on the levels of ambition we want to have, when talking about civil-military interface – which goals do we wish to achieve. A further point of discussion was also pinpointed: do we need an integrated mission, or do we need just an excellent usage of tools that are provided for the civil-military interface?

We again thank the participants for the fruitful debate, which will most definitely help us with our current line of work – identification of relevant recommendations to be extracted from our research.


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