IECEU – project Methodology Workshop, 27-28 July 2015

On 27-28 July 2015, the IECEU consortium gathered for a methodology workshop in the National Defence University in Helsinki, Finland. The workshop brought together all the IECEU-project partners and selected external experts to discuss and develop solid methodology for the IECEU- project. The established methodology will constitute robust foundations to analyse and compare existing EU conflict prevention capabilities and their effectiveness in selected case study regions. The IECEU Methodology will be reviewed in several cycles in the upcoming months by the consortium, the Steering Committee, and the Advisory board.

Please find below a link to personal reflections by one of the workshop participants, Professor R. Galavan (Maynooth University), on the content and positive outcomes of the IECEU workshop published as blogpost under the title: “What is a capability?”.

Project methodology: What is a capability?